Nowhere Man has ratings and reviews. Orsodimondo said: TU CHIAMALE, SE VUOI: SUGGESTIONIIl titolo del romanzo nasce da. A native of Sarajevo, where he spends his adolescence trying to become Bosnia’s answer to John Lennon, Jozef Pronek comes to the United States in. Nowhere Man: The Pronek Fantasies [Aleksandar Hemon] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Aleksandar Hemon, author of T he Question of.

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I felt that this book should have been fantastic, but I just didn’t get it. I used to have a friend–he was killed by an accelerating piece of shrapnel–who liked to think that there was a quiet part of the universe where a body could have a steady velocity, going in the same field.

A younger man stood on his left, his right hand cautiously touching the old man’s shoulder. Stringing together of pretty yet utterly inconsequential vignettes in nouveau-Proustian fashion designed to impress at the sentence level? Is Pronek himself telling the story and trying to obscure that fact by adapting these other voices?

Nowhere Man

Aleksandar Hemon is among the hot new talents among us, according to a few of the reviews around. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. I imagined the greasy warmth, the vales of dirt, the wires winding like roads. Critics have suggested that Jozef acts as an alter-ego to the author himself, which holds much mystery. The characterizations of Chicago life seem too caricatured at times. A coda about Evgenij Pick, an actor, spy and multiple turncoat in the first half of the 20th century, hints at how displacement can spawn multiple selves and nightmarish alienation.

It is almost as if Hemon tries hard to live up to such high expectations that he abandons the plot and characterisation and focuses on the tone and sound of the narrative.

Two white eggs roiled in the boiling water, like iris-less eyes. I closed the bathroom door and the hooked towels trembled. The novel incorporated autobiographical elements and is composed as a series of vignettes telling the story of a character named Jozef Pronek, a Ukrainian born and raised in Bosnia.


Hemon is stingingly accurate in his portrayal of the small, pivotal moments of youth: Through the immigrant Pronek’s despairing mman into the lower depths of the US labour market, and his sharpening awareness hemkn death as the Bosnian war unfolds on CNN, Hemon probed “how easy it was to become someone else, a complete stranger to oneself”.

He is a young man from Sarajevo who left to visit the United States injust in time to watch war break out at home on TV. I wish I had written this book Outside the El station, a man with a black bowler hat was rattling his tambourine, out of any recognizable rhythm, singing a song about the spirit in the sky in a flat, disenchanted voice. With all the literary verve of The Question of Brunobut with an engrossing narrative, engaging warmth, and refreshing humor, Nowhere Man brings to life a protagonist whose very way of looking at and living in the world provokes an exhilarating sense of seeing everything new again.

We gathered at the top of the escalator and then all descended; we went through sundry revolving bars, which patted us on the back, as if we had just come back from a dangerous mission.

A mouse scurried between the rails. Mar 06, ReaderUSA rated it it was ok. These events are described as backdrops rather than something in which Jozef is a participant. Nowhere Man by Aleksandar Hemon.

Haunted by the present

It’s a tranche de vie of the hemln kind. Aug 03, m. Themes recur but don’t become clear until the end. I also enjoyed the rock-music references the Beatles cover band in Sarajevo, the Sonic Youth-loving Greenpeace volunteer who calls herself Evol.

Nowhere Man by Aleksandar Hemon

Death is a constant companion for Pronek, as is a mysterious man who shadows him wherever he goes, and their lockstep journey is at the heart of a book that wanders back and forth through time and space.

This book brings to mind everything that’s bankrupt in contemporary lit. I preferred being a vague, pleasant memory to having to explain who I was or telling her that I had no job, and when I had one I was smashing boxes.


I was late with my rent, and had already looked up the word eviction in the dictionary, hoping that the secondary, obsolete meaning “The action of conquering a country or of obtaining something by conquest” would override my landlord’s primary meaning and save my ass. Jozef has missed personal involvement in the Bosnian conflict. In the other room, the cat was galloping around and producing noises of struggle, pursuing something I could not see.

What seem to be occasional slips are more often the author reclaiming archaisms from the dictionary: Further suggestions might be found on the article’s talk page. I won’t give away the end, but I will say that the final section is somewhat baffling — not necessarily in a bad way.

Review: Nowhere Man by Aleksandar Hemona | Books | The Guardian

There isn’t a lesson onwhere be learned, a philosophy to be gleaned, or even an apparent lack of either of those things within these pages. Uemon is painfully aware of his similar status and vulnerability, and of himself as mwn spectacle. All I remembered was being thirsty and shivering on the front seat, as my father retched in the back seat, wiping it with a cloth; and then my father leaving my cloth- wrapped vomit by the road, and hungry, desperate little animals crawling out of the bushes to devour it.

A weather-beaten sign on a Coke machine read NO WORKING; a torn poster aleksandzr the wall behind it announced the yesteryear arrival of a circus with a half grin of a hysterical clown and an erect elephant trunk holding a star on its tip. The hype this utterly precious, masturbatory, and forgettable book received is astonishing. An old lady with a plastic wrap on her bloated gray hair grinned abruptly, as if a shot of pain went through her body at that very instant.