At the Gates of Loyang is a trading game in which you are able to produce goods Best Card Game Nominee · Essener Feder Best Written Rules Winner. cry: In the 8th page, in the FAQ part, the rules say as below.: [i]① What happens if the pile of Action cards is completely emptied during the. Board Game: At the Gates of Loyang» Forums» Rules · Post Thread 0, solo variation of Loyang/a question about the offer grid. by Daniel Mills Wed Apr 5.

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Or just that there may be opening situations where a loan is the right play, but it will be really hard for you to get a high score if you do?

Since you are almost always trying to plant as many vegetables as gatds and serve as many regular customers as possible, the game becomes mostly about how you choose tue cards to help you do these.

The number of Loans a player may take is not limited. During the card phase, you do need to watch out so that you don’t accidently release a card that is too useful to your opponents. Funny enough, my wife actually likes it a lot more than I do.

The T-shaped board are two things – a Shop where you can buy expensively and sell cheaply vegetables, and the path of prosperity, a.

He can choose to keep 0, 1 or 2 of these cards; any that he does not keep are discarded. Jon has the Tout on top of a Regular customer. If you have more casual customers than regular customers, they pay you a discounted price. The fields kf have thee least 4 vegetable tokens on them: Tiebreakers are cash, then number of vegetables. The Discard pile is immediately shuffled and becomes a new Draw pile.


At the Gates of Loyang

The player buys 1 vegetable from his own Shop oof places it in his Cart. He may not play a card from his hand.

At Yucata there is an upper limit for the number of loans that can be taken: Another minor mistake – when trading vegetables with Market Stalls top rowyou need not place the vegetables you are giving onto th card.

To finance a field that is part of a Two-pack, a player can sell thhe to his Shop see Action C, page 5use a Helper or take out a Loan.

Yucata – Rules for the game ‘At the Gates of Loyang’

Fields which have been fully harvested should have been discarded and opposed to still being kept around available to be re-sowed. The remaining cards are distributed evenly to the players, so that each player receives the same number of cards. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. The more spaces on a field, the fewer types of vegetable can be planted. The last player left to choose in a given round may no longer place any cards into the Courtyard, but must immediately choose from the available cards.

You get fields of various sizes during the game, and when you plant something, the mechanism is very similar to Agricola and AntiquityI read. The Merchant can be combined with the Haggler: What happens if the pile of Action cards is completely emptied during the Action phase?

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Question about FAQ | At the Gates of Loyang | BoardGameGeek

The field must contain at least 4 vegetable tokens and may not be the Home field. If the player wants to keep both of the cards, he must place them one on top of the other.

They use these in the Action phase to convert the harvested vegetables to money. So the first game was a little distorted.

Playable in phase 2 card lojang or phase 3 action phase. He buys a Casual customer, who must be served immediately, from Larry. A card, once played, cannot be discarded until it has been used. Managing a vegetable business is tricky. In the game you get regular customers and casual customers.

I used two-packs to a the number of customers so that I always had more regular than casual without letting any regular customer go unsatisfied more than once. Even if a player must deliver the same vegetable four times to his Regular customers, he can only buy gatfs most 1 vegetable with the Merchant.

I bet a perfect Loyang score is possible, but only if you really do do everything perfectly and maybe have a bit of good luck too! This can happen, for example, if another player has att a Trader and has given the player Cash. Which of these are also applicable to a point strategy? All three vegetables must all be supplied in one Action phase. Then you can choose a vegetable from one of your market stalls that you want to get.